National Seminar on Food Safety &
Quality in Kitchens

5 - 6 August, 2008
Venue: Hotel Intercontinental, New Delhi
"Freedom from Foodborne illness
through Safe Kitchens"

Announcing 16th Quality Summit

qn_logo 16th Quality Summit
India@75: The Quality Dimension
6-8 November 2008,
CII-IQ Launches new programme on Calibration of Auditing Skills

One of the major reasons for the perceived decline of the credibility of ISO 9001 certification the world over has been falling standards of third party auditing. Partly triggered by intense competition in the certification business and....
"Quality Quest".....

A Journal of Quality and Excellence from CII-IQ.

CII-IQ is launching this Publication during the 16th Quality Summit in November, 2008.

For more details on content & contributions please contact Mr. C. V Rao at c.v.rao@ciionline.org
National Conference on

18 - 19 August 2008 at New Delhi

The CII Institute of Quality is organizing this Conference to bring together SIX SIGMA professionals, academicians and key people.....
CII-IQ Publication

International faculty to train on modules covering

  • Good Pharma Practices (GPP)
  • Quality Assurance & Audit (QAA)
  • Safety & Risk Management (SRM)
  • Marketing & Product Development (MPD)
  • Pharmaceutical Resource Building (PRB)

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CII-IQ celebrated its 7th Anniversary Day on 9th May, 2008 in Bangalore

Dr. V Krishnamurthy, Chairman, National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council, Govt. of India was the Chief Guest.

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Forthcoming Events

  • 29 - 30 July, Chennai
    Internal Audit ISO 9001: 2000

  • 5 - 6 August, New Delhi
    National Seminar on Food Safety and Quality in Kitchens
Programmes Conducted

  • Programme on Accreditation of Hospitals

  • Programme on Employee Engagement

  • Course on Psychometrics for HR and OD

  • 9th Annual Conclave for Executive Secretaries

  • Education Excellence in TQM for Schools

  • Enhancing Productivity And Quality Thru 3M & 5S

  • Strategic Business Planning
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