Training Programmes held during March

Workshop on Accreditation Criteria for Management System Certification Bodies
5-6 March, New Delhi
For more information please contact: amitabh.vyas@ciionline.org

Mr Anupam Kaul, Senior Counsellor, CII-IQ conducted this second workshop to develop capacity among the certification bodies for meeting the revised stringent criteria established through ISO Standard 17021. As per the norms laid down by International Accreditation Forum, these need to be implemented by September 2008. 17 participants from 12 organisations participated.

Expertise to conduct these workshops in India is available only with CII IQ. Both the workshops conducted so far have been extremely well received covering more than 70 % of the Certifying Bodies accredited by the Quality Council of India. Adherence to the revised norms translates into competent and impartial certification for CII members substantially upgrading the quality of auditing and feedback. Indirectly it adds to the competitiveness of the certified organization as well as of India Inc.

Building on the experience gained, CII IQ shall shortly be launching Workshops for calibration of External Auditing Skills.

Workshop on Strengthening MR Skills: Compliance to Excellence
10-12 March, New Delhi
For more information please contact: amitabh.vyas@ciionline.org

Having successfully conducted a series of workshops in the South, this workshop was conducted by Mr Anupam Kaul, Senior Counsellor, CII-IQ in for the first time in North India. Management Representatives of leading companies attended the workshop. The workshop was designed to serve as a bridge programme for companies moving out of the compliance mode, typically to Quality Management Systems and imbibing the additional capacity and competence for moving towards the Excellence models.

The course structure has been upgraded to include Organizational maturity tools and Policy deployment.

13 participants from 11 organisations participated.

CII-IQ shall shortly be launching separate workshops on Maturity Assessment.

Training programme on Quality Management Systems for Public Service organizations based on IS 15700
18-20 March, New Delhi
For more information please contact: amitabh.vyas@ciionline.org

Mr Anupam Kaul, Senior Counsellor, IQ conducted the second comprehensive training programme on this topic. The participants were drawn from Central Ministries/ Departments identified by Government for piloting the SEVOTTAM project aimed at making holistic improvements in the quality of services being rendered by these Departments. These include the CBDT, CBEC, Railways, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Posts, Passport, Corporate Affairs etc. This training was designed to amalgamate the principles of Quality management and those of public governance. One of the training highlights was a practical demonstration of capturing the 'Service Quality Gap' between Customer expectations and perceptions.

15 participants from 10 Central Ministries/ Departments participated.

This Training programme has been accredited by the NRBPT, Quality Council of India.