Journey of Business Excellence in NTPC

NTPC Limited, the Indian Power giant and a Navaratna PSU have set a number of firsts in Electricity Generation in the country. Being a progressive organisation and a front runner among well managed organizations, it pursues Excellence in every activity.

It is therefore only logical that their generating plants challenged the CII EXIM Bank Award for Business Excellence in the last few years, as most of them had reached various levels in the Award recognition process.

One of the most significant steps taken by NTPC was to spread the concept of the Excellence Model among the senior executives in the plants and Regional Offices. While regular Assessor courses conducted by the CII Institute of Quality was attended by a number of enthusiastic Executives, the Corporation decided to conduct a specially designed course for faster dissemination of the concept among heads of functions (departments).

A three day training program was designed by the CII IQ in consultation with the Corporate Business Excellence Group of NTPC. This not only helped in the understanding of the concept but also strived to link the action points with the model criteria, thereby making the learning, practice oriented and effective.

Till date the CII IQ has assisted the NTPC plants to conduct over 22 such programmes and more than 500 senior executives have benefited from the same. The programme coupled with a number of qualified and experienced assessors within NTPC has put the Excellence Movement in NTPC in the faster track when compared to other organizations.

The competition for the CII EXIM Bank Award for Business Excellence, 2008 has been announced. Application Forms to participate, need to be filed by 30th April and the actual Application Document submitted to the CII IQ Secretariat by 15th June, 2008. For more details please contact Mr. N Deep at n.deep@ciionline.org