Employers: Don't miss your chance to join the Global Network

worldskill logo WorldSkills International is providing an unique opportunity for employers across member countries to learn from other countries / regions and the expert skills of a WorldSkills Champion.

Indian employers can host a WorldSkills Champion in their workplace by joining the WorldSkills Champions Exchange program.

WorldSkills guarantees a high quality WorldSkills Champion for the duration ofthe Exchange ranging from 6-18 months to the host Indian employer, with the added benefit of becoming involvedwith a growing network of like-minded host Companies in the global skillsmarket.

CII representing India, is the 48th member country of WorldSkills International. CII-IQ has been striving to raise skill standards to World Class level and is working closely with WorldSkills International, a world body dedicated to the enhancement of skills amongst its fifty member countries. Please click www.worldskillschampions.com to learn more about the WorldSkills Champions Exchange (WSCE) program. The Champions Exchange is open to all former Competitors (at the WorldSkills Competitors) up to the age of 28 and enables them to live and work in any other WorldSkills Member Country / Region.

For more information please visit:www.worldskillschampions.com or contact Wg. Cdr B C Prabhakar at CII Institute of Quality. Email: b.c.prabhakar@ciionline.org