CII Institute of Quality helps CII Northern Region HQ in ISO Certification

It was the vision of Mr Deep Kapuria, Chairman, CII Northern Region which triggered the ISO certification process. In 2007, he suggested that CII NR should also get ISO 9001 certification like the other member organizations.

Ms Madhu Pillai, Regional Director, NR and Maj. C S Bachhar took proactive steps to develop the various processes and practices in a systematic manner besides contacting CII Institute of Quality seeking the necessary guidance to develop the Quality Manual and the Process Manual for the Northern Region Headquarters.

Mr C V Rao, Counsellor, CII-IQ commenced the hand-holding from July 2007. The scope of the certification was restricted to the activities being handled from Northern Region Headquarters, Chandigarh only.

The scope of the areas covered under the certification included
  • Domestic/International Missions
  • Conduct of conferences, workshops and training programmes
  • Membership development,
  • Regional and state council meetings
  • Regional and state elections of office-bearers
  • Policy advocacy by interacting with the State and Central Government
  • Competency mapping and administrative activities like outsourcing, purchasing, printing and dispatch.

A series of awareness programmes were conducted. Process owners understood the benefit of ISO 9001 and how it would help them in achieving the quality objectives and their vision of becoming 'the most preferred industry body in the region'.

Internal auditors were also trained and 2 rounds of internal audits were conducted to see whether the systems evolved were efficiently working.

A few non-conformances were identified. During management reviews, the process owners investigated the root cause of the non conformance and corrective actions were taken.

M/s DNV, reputed certifying body, was selected by NR to undertake the preliminary audit on 18th March, 2008 and the initial audit during 1 - 2nd April, 2008.

Based on their audit findings the Lead Auditor, Mr Rakesh Nigam of DNV stated that he would recommend CII NR HQ, Chandigarh for ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Mr Deep Kapuria in his address to the Annual Regional Meeting on 7th April 2008, informed the NR members about the successful certification obtained.

This was the second successful ISO certification implementation by the CII-IQ team having, earlier in 2005, helped CII Western Region to be similarly ISO certified. Other ISO certifications conducted by CII-IQ recently include IMTMA and DGFT.