CII Institute of Quality : Training Programmes held in February, 2008

Seminar on Standards of Weights and Measures Enforcement Rules
1 February, Chennai
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CII-IQ organised a seminar in association with Dept. of Consumer Affairs, Govt. of India and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH which was attended by 60 participants, both from Industry and the Government.

The Seminar created awareness on the significance and intricacies of the Weights and measures Enforcement Rules, identified obsolete provisions which formed impediment to the growth of trade and industry in the country. The Seminar also empowered the consumers to protect themselves in the field of legal metrology besides preparing a model Enforcement rules in line with best international practices for uniform adoption across the country.

Proper understanding of the provisions of the enforcement Rules is very important for all industries engaged in manufacturing, selling, repairing and using measuring instruments in the country. Non-compliance of the rules invite severe penalty, including cancellation of their manufacturing, selling and repairing licences.

Mr P.A.Krishnamoorthy, Indian Project Manager GTZ, Former Director, Dept. of Legal Metrology, Government of India & Former Adviser, CII was the faculty for this programme.

Strategic Quality Management : A Journey for Excellence
5-6 February, Pune
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Mr S K Dutta, Pricipal Counsellor, CII Institute of Quality was the faculty for this programme which was attended by 28 Senior Managers from 18 companies.

The course introduced participants to the concepts of strategic planning and performance measurement to foster competitiveness using quality management principles. As the course content was strongly linked to the EFQM Excellence Model (European Foundation on Quality Management) it adopted a practical and applied focus to the business environment which enabled the participants to understand other contemporary business models and how these align to their management system. A course completion certificate by CII Institute of Quality was also given to successful participants.

Internal Auditor Course on ISO 9001:2000
5-6 February, Bangalore 26-27 February, New Delhi
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Mr K R Shivakumar and Mr C V Rao, Counsellors, CII Institute of Quality were the faculty of this programme based on ISO 9001:2000 and the new auditing standard ISO 19011:2002 was attended by 29 participants from 15 organisations.

The installation and the subsequent implementation of any Quality System requires Internal Quality Auditing as a necessary examination for determining whether the Quality System and its implementation were in line with the required criteria and was implemented in a manner so as to enable achievement of expected results. This course, delivered through a mix of tutor inputs as well as group exercises, provided hands on experience and reinforcements to the inputs provided during the tutor sessions. These exercises were well appreciated as participants, on completion of this course, would be able to start or review their existing Internal Quality Auditing activities.