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15th Quality Summit, Bangalore
31 Oct.- 2nd Nov. 2007
The Retail Brand Summit
5-6 July, 2007, Mumbai
National Summit on Quality in Education
28-29 Sept. 2007, Bangalore
JUSE International Seminar on TQM
2-12 July, 2007, Tokyo
Qlty. Mgmt. Prog. for TQM Facilitators in India
3-16 Oct. 2007, Osaka, Japan
June 2007 issue

International Pharma trainers to make Indian Industry Globally Competitive -----------------------------

Seminar on Packaged Commodities Rules -----------------------------

Building Retail Brands for Competitiveness -----------------------------

IRCA approved Accelerated Learning Techniques to enhance traning effectiveness -----------------------------

Food Sector - CII-IQ has a definitive road map for Consultancy and Training Services on Implementing International Standards on Food Safety besides enhancing production efficiency by using Kaizens, 5S & 3M

Managing Growth with Quality: Learnings from the Chinese experiences -----------------------------

Six sigma is now being adopted by the service sector -----------------------------

Excellence Award

Change in award nomenclature & Categories


Winner’s Conferences

23 - 24 June, Mumbai
Awareness Programme on
Accreditation of Hospitals


25 June, Madurai
TPS Awareness Programme

25 June, Delhi &
31 July, Chennai
Programme on Packaged
Commodity Rules

Some of the important
training programmes
conducted included:

23-24 May, New Delhi
Business Planning

28-29 May, Bangalore
Strengthening MR Skills

28 May – 1 June, Bangalore
Certificate Course on Quality in EXIM Documentation Processes