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Green benchmarking

Corporate Social Responsibility has always been an integral part of Praj Industries, a global leader in biofuels. Starting its journey in 2004, ‘Praj Foundation’ (PF) the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of PRAJ has been involved in various social activities in and around the Pune district. Praj Foundation lends expression to the sensitivities of Praj employees and its management in raising the quality of life and social well being of communities where they operate.

Being a part of society, Praj realizes its responsibility towards the society and the environment and has set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound (SMART) goals for creating a sustainable ecosystem. All the Praj Foundation initiatives are undertaken keeping the SMART goals in consideration. Praj Foundation’s CSR initiatives have been prioritized on local needs and have five prime areas under the umbrella of Sustainable Development where it has been actively focusing are:

Environmental initiatives
  • Ecological Restoration of streams
  • Environment awareness & conservation
  • Decentralised Waste Management
  • Afforestation project

Ecological Restoration of streams

Praj Foundation’s collaboration with Ecological Society for restoration of existing streams in three villages - Vavoshi, Dist. Raigad; Manhere, Dist. Ahmednagar; Kapshi, Dist. Satara. The streams in these three villages are being ecologically restored with the help of school children, teachers & villagers. This project will generate a feasible development model to be followed in future, where economic planning and ecological conservation complement each other for betterment of the society. This project was launched in January 2008 and will be operated for next three years.

School children and teachers helping to ecologically restore the existing stream

Environment awareness & conservation

Praj foundation jointly with M. E. S’s Rani Laxmibai Mulinchi Sainiki Shala, a residential school at Kasar Amboli, Mulshi Taluka has implemented a project on Environment awareness & conservation. With a view to manage the biodegradable waste generated from the hostel mess and staff quarters, a composting unit has been set up by 400 students & 50 staffs residing in the school campus. The students are trained in segregating waste at source and also operate the composting unit. They are also growing seasonal Organic Vegetable in the school premises. Thus the biodegradable waste is effectively used without harming environment.25 commonly used species of medicinal plants are grown in the school premises to impart the traditional Ayurvedic knowledge of India about important medicinal plants and to motivate students to nurture them.

Green scholarship has been instituted for the next year to recognize efforts of a deserving & environment friendly student. The student will be selected on the basis of her level of participation in the Environment awareness programmes and in the Eco friendly activities undertaken by school. These will include activities like competitions, project implementation/ demonstrations, etc.

Girls from Rani Laxmibai Mulinchi Sainiki Shala
operating the composting unit set up in their school

Decentralized Waste Management

Praj Foundation jointly with INORA is implementing the project of Decentralized Waste Management through Satellite centre.

An informative booklet on methods and process of composting was brought out as apart of project activity to educate the citizens. The message of Waste Management is being spread through 12 Satellite centers located in different parts of the city. Each such Satellite centre is equipped with charts, extension material, inputs and other essential supplies. So far 418 household level composting projects have been established around the satellite centers.

A waste management project set up under
Decentralized Waste Management through satellite centre

Public Private Partnership

Afforestation project

Praj Foundation has been actively & steadily working towards mitigating global warming & creating a green cover for the city of Pune. Under its Green concept initiatives, Praj Foundation has designed and developed afforestation project on 2 acres area along Pashan Lake allotted by Pune Municipal Corporation.

The project was inaugurated on February 11th, 2009 at the hands of Hon'ble Mayor of Pune Smt. Rajalakshmi Bhosale. On the onset of monsoon season, native trees will be planted at the hands of families of Praj employees. The project will be maintained by Praj Industries for next 10 years.

Inauguration of the Public Private Partnership - Afforestation project

Health Initiatives

Preventive health care of women & children

Praj foundation is also working comprehensively towards improving the general health and life of the local communities. One of such initiatives is the project for creating awareness on the Health issues and preventing common illnesses among the school children, adolescents as well as women in seven villages in Mulshi Taluka of Pune district. The project is being supported by Praj Foundation and implemented by Rachana Society for Social Reconstruction.

Preventive health care camp

Educational Initiatives
  • Support to Livelihood Advanced Business School
  • Supplementary education for children
Support to Livelihood Advanced Business School

Imparting education to the underprivileged has also been an important focus area of the Praj foundation. It has supported the LABS (Livelihood Advanced Business School) programme of Dr Reddy’s foundation (DFR). LABS programme promotes tailor-made programmes targeted at underprivileged youth in age group of 18-30 years, enabling them to gain access to opportunities for sustainable livelihoods. The essence of the programme is to match market demand and incorporate the requirement into a 3 months customised training package so that the training is far more meaningful. The support by Praj foundation comprised of computer hardware for conducting Program.

Supplementary education for children

Praj foundation is implementing supplementary education programme for children in seven villages of Mulshi taluka since December 2006 with support from Sadhana village an NGO working in Mulshi area. The programme includes use of supportive education tools to make the studies more interesting thereby enhancing the understanding of the subject. The subjects such as Mathematics, Marathi, etc are being taught with the help of teaching aids and play-way method. The programme also aims at reducing the drop-out ratio from the school. So far we are able to reach out more than 500 children in 7 villages. Some of the Praj Officers are regularly visiting these villages and participating in these programmes.

Praj officers participating in the
supplementary education programme in the Mulshi Taluka

Art & cultural Initiatives

Ruturang Musical concert

Promoting art is also an important focus area of the Praj Foundation. Praj foundation has sponsored the entire staging cost of a one hour musical Concert titled ‘Ruturang’. The programme depicts the way in which a Blind person perceives colors and changes in the season. This concert was performed by the Blind Girls from Pune Blind girl’s school. The Musical concert is being staged in major cities in India mainly for raising funds for the school’s infrastructure.

Praj Foundation activities undertaken internally

Praj Foundation believes that the Corporate Social Responsibilities begins internally and expands outwardly. Hence a Green group was formed within Praj to deliberate innovative ideas related to sustainable lifestyle & work out modalities for implementation. The deliberation among the group members lead to the initiation of following activities.

  • Energy conservation
  • Mobility
  • Use of recycled papers
  • Green family competition

Energy conservation

Considering the role of energy usage on Global warming, energy conservation was the main activity undertaken by Praj foundation on priority. Energy Audit was conducted at the head office & at the manufacturing units. The Audit recommendations are being implemented to conserve energy. At the individual level simple practices such as switching off Monitors & lights when not in use are also being adopted. Green tips on energy conservation are also being circulated to all the employees.


The green group members recommended starting of bus services to the office thereby reducing number of vehicles on the road and conserving fuel. Since January 2008 the bus service is being operated on 5 routes and patronised by 170 employees. In addition to this carpooling has also been initiated. The bus service has completed one year and has benefited all the employees in various ways.

In order to conserve fuel and reduce traffic on the roads many employees are walking / cycling to office on every working Saturday.

Praj employees are walking to conserve fuel
and reduce traffic on the roads on a Saturday

Bus service started for the employees
to reduce pollution & conserve fuel

Reduce, recycle & reuse

In order to save paper the habit of practicing of back-to-back printing & photo copying is promoted. A shredder is installed to recycle waste paper while scribble pads are made from one-side used papers.

Praj employees are walking to conserve fuel
and reduce traffic on the roads on a saturday

Green family competition

Green family competition has been launched to widen the participation of employees and their families in environment conservation activities addressing Global warming. The employees and their family members are participating in specific measurable and quantifiable activities.

The competition was launched on August 1, 2008 and concluded on March 31, 2009. 266 Praj employees and their families registered themselves in the competition.

Praj has been working towards satisfying the basic needs of the present times and at the same time ensuring that the resources of the future generations are not jeopardized.